Brentareno s.r.l. is an Italian company born from a thirty-year experience in the industrial laundry sector. Today we are proud to have a clientele of over 1,500 satisfied customers, ranging from small automatic laundrettes to industrial size.

BRENTARENO is specialized in realizing self-service laundries, professional laundries and ironing workshops for hotels, communities, institutions (, both in Italy and abroad. Brentareno is at the disposal of anyone who wishes to start a new business, renovate their laundry facilities or improve efficiency.

Our company specializes in:

  • Industrial machinery for communities, hospitals, nursing homes (sanitary barrier washers);
  • Industrial machinery for washing, drying and ironing of linen (sheets, tablecloths etc.);
  • Machinery for self-service laundries;
  • Machinery for industrial laundries, ironing room, dryers (also ecological, closed chamber dryer);
  • Laundries with ” Wet Cleaning system” (a high quality method in garment cleaning utilizing water instead of classical chemical solvents);
  • Professional industrial machinery (high-spin, high-speed, aseptic washers; traditional and ecological dryers, ironing and folding machines; flatwork ironers and calenders;
  • Consultancy and technical support for self-service laundry businesses already started;
  • A line of detergents with specific products for all types of laundries, even “wet cleaning”.

Brentareno machines are designed not only in full compliance with environmental and safety regulations in the workplace, but also with particular attention to operating costs and energy saving. All products are manufactured within the European Community and therefore CE CERTIFIED.