The strict sanitary rules require powerful machines, with special washing processes for hospitals, pharmaceutical, nuclear and cosmetic industries, penitentiary centres, a.s.o. Our barrier washers range is very wide and outstands for its robustness, high spinning speed and easy installation; with capacities from 16 to 66 kg, they are perfect to adapt to the needs of this very specific and demanding market. Installed between two separate areas, avoids all contact between dirty (infectious) linen and clean linen, and any type of re-contamination during the process.

BR-BARR-16, 22, 35, 50, 66 TOUCH High speed barrier washers – G Factor 360-448

  • High spin soft mounted washer extractor, no need of anchorage, 2 opposed doors.
  • Extraction speed 1000 RPM.
  • G force 361.
  • Horizontally suspended drum by means of two axles which increase robustness, 1 compartment.
  • Electric or steam heating.
  • New TOUCH microprocessor with a lot of devices for a greater flexibility.
  • 26 preset programs, unlimited creation of new programs.
  • Wet Cleaning system integrated (standard).
  • Standard double display.
  • Optimal load system integrated: manual indication of load.
  • Capacity 16 and 22 kg.
  • Body, drum and vat in stainless steel.
  • Soap dispenser with 4 compartments.
  • Three water inlets standard in all range.
  • 8 signals for liquid dosing.
  • Out of balance detection by means of the inverter.
  • Traceability – storage of data.