BRENTARENO presents its new range of washer extractors with a wide variety of models to suit all types of market requests. The different models can suit the most varied needs regarding efficiency, capacity, whichever be the business type and size. This new generation of washers combine the latest technology with the best quality in components and materials. They are equipped with the most advanced technology in water and energy saving systems, as well as the WET CLEANING feature. Its user-friendly and intuitive programming makes them suitable for all types of laundries, drycleaners, self-service and commercial or industrial laundries, hospitals and care houses.

BRH-11, 14, 18, 25, 35, 45, 60, 120 TOUCH High speed washers, G factor 450, the highest of its category

  • High spin washer extractor. No need to be anchored to the floor.
  • G Force 450.
  • Body, drum and tub in stainless steel.
  • Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments.
  • 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay.
  • 3 water inlets.
  • These machines have electronic control of imbalance with frequency inverter, that detects the unbalanced load before spinning. Standard frequency: 50 – 60 Hz.
  • New microprocessor TOUCH with touch screen. 26 preset programs.
  • Possibility of programming, exporting and importing programs without limit, software updates, through USB port, using USB drive.
  • Traceability standard: All washing process (temperatures, water levels) is stored in the washer and can be extracted to a PC by means of a USB drive.
  • Wet Cleaning standard in the microprocessor: fully adjustable water levels and washing speed for delicate.
  • Optimal loading standard to optimize water and chemicals consumptions.
  • LOADING AID feature with water and rotation control for easy loading of the linen.